Arabic was developed long before BC in the area known today as Saudi Arabia and Yemen. There is no written proof exactly when Semitic languages like Arabic were developed. Arabic is a diglossic language which is a sign of richness and complexity. ThisĀ particular language has a few thousand years old strict grammatical structure. Much like other languages it has also changed through the centuries due to different social and historical influences.

The Arabic language is an ancient language existing on the Earth today. This language may be the most challenging ones to learn. Learning it is definitely a difficult process. After you have started it will certainly be a gratifying and pleasing experience. Arabic is the sacred language of Islam and one of the most commonly talked languages used nowadays. It is also one of the biggest literary languages of all time having its tremendous variety, strength and wonder. Arabic is a rich language with a long and ancient history. It is the official language of 22 countries spread out of the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and North Africa.

During the Middle Ages literary Arabic had a great influence on many European cultures especially in the field of science, mathematics and of course philosophy. Because of this many European languages have also borrowed quite a few words from it. The influence of this amazing mother tongue can also be seen in Mediterranean languages especially in Spanish, Sicilian and Portuguese. English has also lent a few words such as coffee, candy, algebra, alchemy, assassin, cotton, jasmine and so on. Of course this particular language had influence on other Islamic languages such as Persian, Urdu and Turkish and therefore we can also find several Arabic words in those too. The Arabic language has many different spoken varieties. Modern Arabic also known as literary Arabic is thought and used in schools, universities, workplaces, politics and of course in the media. Arabic is written with the Arabic alphabet and the most interesting thing is that it is written from right to left.

Learning Arabic is a great way to enhance your life and it is never too late to start learning it. Learn how to read and write the entire alphabet will help you to advance quickly in your learning experience. Learning a foreign language can be helpful to your future development and will expand your knowledge as well. You can learn Arabic by taking classes in a group or individually or you can start your journey by using language software programs that are simple as well as fun to use.